Data Sources & Integrations

DigitalStakeout Scout provides the data and integrations you need build a organizationally aligned risk intelligence capability.

 Content Coverage

Tap into public data on the surface web, social media, dark web, and internet, including newly published information from million sites across the web.

Surface Web Content found by Google & Bing

Public Social Media Chatter Like Twitter and Reddit

Local, National and Vertical Media News

Blogs and Commentary From 1m Blogs

Dark Forums Like 4chan & 8kun

Dark Web Content on Tor, Telegram and Pastebin

Internet & Domain Intelligence Coverage

Tap into technical continuously updated Internet technical data.

DigitalStakeout Securd Global Passive DNS

Continuous Port Scanning and Service Detection

Registered Domain Inventory

1.5 Billion+ Forward DNS Inventory

Real-time Certificate Transparency Logs

50+ Million Typosquat & Phishing Domains

Integration & Data Aggregation Options

Integrate your own data and aggregate data from your favorite third-party data sources.

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