DigitalStakeout Scout Dashboard Update

We’ve updated DigitalStakeout Scout® to support multiple dashboards, new visualizations and additional filtering options.

Visualize the Threat Landscape

Your organization’s threat landscape is continuously changing. External threats can emerge on social media, the surface web, the dark web, or from your cyberattack surface. You need to keep up with all these content domains and spot actionable information quickly in easy and simple security dashboards. For this reason, we’ve released an update to the DigitalStakeout Scout dashboard capability. We hope that this update will provide more analytic flexibility and focus on the most important data.

Create Multiple Dashboards

Users can now create multiple dashboards. Users can use one dashboard to communicate reporting and other dashboards to help identify relevant and actionable intelligence in different focus areas. A growing library of 100+ pre-defined charts, visualizations, and widgets makes it easy to create the dashboard view you need.

We’ve updated DigitalStakeout Scout® with multi-dashboards, new visualizations and options.
channel widget to view recent data

Channel Views and Widgets to View Streaming Data

We’ve added vertical column templates to support streaming data widgets. With channel templates, users can select specific folders or monitors as raw data sources to view the newest results. Users can create up to 5 channels on this template. With the ability to create multiple dashboards with extended filtering capabilities, users will be able to scale their visibility into important discoveries.

Create a Security Intelligence Dashboard with Precision

Dashboard Widget Filters

One of the filtering features in DigitalStakeout that saves a lot of time is reusable filters. With reusable filters, you can spend less time focusing on what’s important and actionable. As displayed in the example, users can pick a source Monitor for the widget and also apply a saved filter to the view. When the reusable filter is modified, it will trickle down to all the dashboard widgets using that filter.


Get Started with Building Your Security Intelligence Dashboard

How to Source Security Intelligence Dashboard Data

DigitalStakeout Scout dashboards are driven by user-created Monitors (feeds). Data enrichment processes interrogate these feeds, extracts data as fields, and automatically detects and alarms customers’ to threats that most tools & services fail to address or miss. DigitalStakeout’s best-in-class customer support also gives you access to subject matter expert resources to create the optimal feeds.

how certificate transparency logs monitoring with DigitalStakeout Scout works

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